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Spoken Word Talent on the train

July 29th, 2010 · Comments

My flight was twenty hours away. I still needed to finish my O-audition online application, stop by the consignment store just in case there is a new dress or handbag for my last minute trip to Georgia that is on half price special, oh yes and pack. Oh and I was due to hang out in San Francisco that evening with two separate sets of friends--one group from NYC and another from Delhi, India. I made a quick purchase at the consignment store, ran down North Main Street to the place I consider my second home, Café LaScala, finished my application and then hopped on a train. On my way to the city, a homeless spoken word artist sat behind me and struck up a conversation, before asking for money. “I would,” I started to say. “But, today, I’m….” “I don’t need to hear your excuses,” he snapped. I was feisty that day. “You didn’t let me finish,” I snapped back. “Where you from? I’m from Richmond. I bet you’ve never even been there.” Wrong, wrong and wrong. I went to Richmond all the time—it was the neighboring city to the San Pablo, the home of Contra Costa County Rape Crisis Center. It’s where I went to cover the Richmond High Rape Case, The West Contra Costa Unified Teacher’s Strike, International Women’s Day. I actually went to Richmond every chance I had. By the end of the ride, the spoken word artist and I found our rhythm and he even did a demo for me on my audio recording devise.

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Puerto Rican Student Strike

July 3rd, 2010 · Comments

Hundreds of activists from across the country are at the Socailism 2010 Conference in Oakland, Califonia this weekend. I attended the morning session called 'Lessons Learned form the Puerto Rican Student Strike,' for my weekly field story for KPFA news (which can be found in the 6pm news archives for July 3, 2010) and spent time with Roberto Pastrana and Ovido Elfrain Lopez Alers after, to gain a concrete understanding of how the stike played out. They talked, not only about the positive aspects of their student movement, but also about how they could through the rough portions as well.

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