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Entries from July 2013

People Continue to Rally for Justice for Trayvon Martin

July 23rd, 2013 · Comments

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Fruitvale Station is here at last!

July 14th, 2013 · Comments

In 2009, it was the story of Oscar Grant that I heard on KPFA, that inspired me to apply for the news fellowship at the station. Since deciding to be a journalist years earlier, I was passionate about giving voice to people from all walks of life, but this case inspired me to want to help make more voices audible. It turned out to be a selfish endeavor, because it led me to discover my passion for radio.

After covering the Justice for Grant movement for years, walking through the streets after Johanes Mehserle was sentenced to just two years in prison, it was touching to be at the opening night for Fruitvale Station yesterday evening in the company of Grant's supporters, friends and family and people who just wanted to learn more about his story. Listen to hear their stories.

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