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Sharon is working on a number of non-fiction and self help book projects. Sharon was inspired to write her first book, ‘The Journey of Life: 100 Lessons from Around the World’ (which she now affectionately refers to as her start-up project), by a break up. The book is a collection of universally applicable lessons she collected while traveling the world and interviewing people from all walks of life. It was while applying a lesson a day from her first book to her own life that Sharon discovered the magical world of radio.


Check out my latest book: 40 Things to Give Up for Lent to Make the World a Better Place


What are you giving up this Lenten season? What if instead of giving up chocolate or coffee, you give up apathy or indifference? If you’re open to considering some habits to kick so that you can contribute to a more just and fair world, keep reading! It doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Baha’i, Agnostic, or Atheist…If you’re interested in being the change you wish to see in the world, this book is for you.

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