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Emily Smith, Author of THANK YOU MR. WRONG

June 10th, 2010

In everyday conversation, people sometimes throw around the phrase, "never judge a book by its cover." But, in real life, particularly in the world of books, we know that we absolutely judge books by their covers. Just as we are attracted to people who radiate positive energy with a warm and welcoming smiles, we notice books by their captivating covers and intriguing titles. As I walked out of the New York Book Expo 8am morning session hosted by Jon Stewart feeling disappointed that the session ended before I got called on to ask my kick a** question, I perked up with I saw a bright red book with the letters THANK YOU MR. WRONG on the front cover. The author of the book, Emily Smith, was holding it and when she noticed me starring at it, she asked, "Do you want it?"

I've met Mr. Wrong a few times in life and couldn't resist the offer to meet him again. "Of course," I said. And with the exchange of every book at the Book Expo comes an interview. Listen to Emily's interview to get a sense of what she learned from Mr. Wrong and how a series of Mr. Wrongs led her to a Mr. Right!

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