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Relationships–Dr. Ali Binazir’s Take on Women, Love & Relationships

June 8th, 2010

Relationships. It seems like we are on a lifelong quest to figure them out. We're either in one and we're not quite sure if it's the right one or try to convince ourselves to make it work. We're not in one and we can't wait to find one. Or, we're enjoying the scenic route. Dr. Ali Binazir, who in addition to writing books, writes for the Huffington Post, sat beside me at the BEA opening press conference and crossed paths with me several times throughout the expo.

On the outside balcony of a New York club, interrupted by a few rounds of sirens, Ali and I chatted about life, love and relationships. Although I struggled to crack the code and get the personal back story that led him down the path he is pursuing today, Ali shares several tidbits of charming advice for both women and men. The key, Ali says, is to love yourself first!

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